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"We experienced things and feelings we have never felt before. It was spiritual, emotional and moving..."

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Survival Mode Marriage?

The dictionary defines 'survival' as a living or continuing longer than another person or thing; or one that survives. How many marriages today find themselves in the survival mode? The answer would be there are a lot. The primary cause would be those things that once stimulated and invigorated the marriage seem to be a 'distant memory'...

Empty Nest Honeymooners

Empty nesters are couples who must learn again how to focus on each other as their children are no longer their major concern or responsibility. At this junction of their lives, the focus now has shifted to spending more time together than in times past. Even in the empty nest years, each spouse still has needs that need be met...

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He Did What?! She Did What?!

It's interesting how there are times in a marital relationship when things seem to be going along just fine, then a "He did what! or She did what!" becomes the topic of the day. Often times in marriage, a spouse will make a mistake and do or say something that causes great pain for their spouse and thus tension develops God's plan ...


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