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Robert and Stella Wilson have found that all marriages regardless of how new or how old need to have “preventive maintenance and tune-ups” from time to time. With this in mind, the Wilsons have used their own marriage as an example to show what God is able to do when “two walk in counsel together”. The Wilsons share their personal challenges and triumphs that they have experienced in the thirty plus years as husband and wife, thus providing more than theory, but also life experiences shared together. The Marriages Made Stronger Series are filled with plenty of great information presented in such a way that they will Change Your Life.


It's All About Love - Three CD Set


When it is all said and done, what matters most in a marital relationship? Is love the overriding theme? Marriages go through a number of challenges and changes, thus it is important to realize that love is the answer. It's All About Love provides the listener with an insight from God's word and gives some powerful nuggets that will help every married couple realize that at the end of the day - Its All About Love.


$39.95 each (plus sales tax and shipping)

We Can Still Have Joy - Four CD Set


With all of the difficulties that couples go through the challenge becomes, can we make it? Is it possible to regain and maintain the joy once shared? We Can Still Have Joy provides the listener with words of encouragement, a sense of hope, as well as a game plan for maintaining joy in your marriage. Most of all, it reminds us that God is able to make a way out of no way and joy does come in the morning.


$59.95 each (plus sales tax and shipping)

Don't Judge Me by This Moment - Four CD Set


There are so many challenges married couples come face to face with, and many times everything seems to be so overwhelming that you just want to give in, give out, and give up. But there is hope! This audio CD provides the listener with words of Encouragement and a game plan for success. This series is filled with insight from God's word that will change your outlook on your situation, and provide you with hope for a better and brighter future.


$59.95 each (plus sales tax and shipping)

I Promise Not To Give In, Give Out, or Give Up - Four CD Set


In the marriage relationship, so many times we make mistakes that disappoint our spouse - not always intentionally - but it happens. When a spouse is disappointed or hurt, a wall begins to be built. Trust and affection seem to rapidly disappear, and any communication that takes place echoes a lack of concern for the well being of the injured spouse. Thus, judgment becomes the order of the day, and a "sentence" is rendered at that "moment. This audio CD will bless the listener with some golden nuggets from God's word that will help gain an understanding that we all make mistakes; and when that happens the question becomes, "how do you respond, and what mindset should you have to move forward?"


$59.95 each (plus sales tax and shipping)