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Empty Nesters Still Need Love

Empty nesters are couples who must learn again how to focus on each other as their children are no longer their major concern or responsibility. At this junction of their lives, the focus now has shifted to spending more time together than in times past. Even in the empty nest years, each spouse still has needs that need be met.

The question then becomes, what do they do now, as it’s just the two of them? Marriage was ordained by God from the very beginning as it was God who said concerning Adam “It is not good that man should be alone”. Marriage in the sight of God is a life long commitment. During this commitment; one’s marriage will go through many different stages; trials; as well as many joys and celebrations.

Marriage begins with two, and then along the way children come along increasing the amount of responsibility. From birth until these children grow up and move out, both spouses are consumed with their growth and development.

When this transition takes place, the children begin their own lives leaving the parents often times in a state of “what do we do now”. If the couple has not built a strong interactive relationship with each other while the children were in the home, there can be adjustment problems now that the children are no longer the focus of attention. When a spouse feels neglected and their needs are not being met this places great strain on the marital relationship.

The empty nest years should be and can be a great time for the couples who recognize they now have “time” just for each other. Now is the time to make the decision to focus on each other and to enjoy every minute together looking forward to all that God has in store for you. Your time together as “Empty Nesters” should be so bright that you’ll have to wear sunglasses.