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He Did What?! She Did What?!

It’s interesting how there are times in a marital relationship when things seem to be going along just fine, then a “He did what! or She did what!” becomes the topic of the day. Often times in marriage, a spouse will make a mistake and do or say something that causes great pain for their spouse and thus tension develops. When this happens, one must realize that this is not a healthy mode in which to remain.

If there is to be a sense of peace and well-being in a marriage relationship, both parties involved must become sensitive to the feelings and needs of the other. To be insensitive to a spouse’s emotional needs will continually keep one in the “He did what! or “She did what!” mode.

Feelings do matter therefore, every conscious effort should be used towards minimizing the number of occasions that the “He did what! or She did what! occur. This is made possible by making a decision to change your attitude and mindset towards building up your spouse and not trying to tear them down.

The Bible speaks to the fact that “For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). Thus, what one constantly thinks about or does is who they really are.

The question becomes, are you really doing all that you can do to enhance your marriage relationship or are you just trying to get by with the least amount of effort? If it’s the latter, you can be assured that your marital relationship will remain in the “insufficient funds” category, which is just like writing a check and there’s no money in the checking account to cover it.

Make a commitment to yourself and your spouse that you will strive to a better husband and a better wife as God would have you to be. Take each day as it comes and focus on making it a wholesome and vibrant day for each other.

Renew your commitment to each other in the spirit of love and respect and you can be assured those “He did what", and "she did what” days will become fewer and fewer in the days ahead.